Sunday, June 29, 2008

taking a break - a playwriting workshop and a radio development discussion

it has been a while since i posted here. I spent one week in Kira Oblensky 'curious words' workshop. This workshop was exactly what i needed - it validated my process for writing, my style of writing text when creating plays and gave me new courage to not be swayed when certain things that i try to do as a playwright get called into question.

an interesting tidbit. one of the younger participants used the word Pepto-Bismol to personify a peony. kira talked about how this younger generation does use brands and marketing techniques in ways that we who are of a different generation may not. i am reminded of the young parents who are naming their children Noxema, Armani, Nautica, Timberland, Canon, Del Monte, and L'Oreal. New technology and the shrinking of the globe as well as the rapid proliferation of ideas is giving rise to additional means of labeling, naming and interacting.

we also were reminded, encouraged to utilize the insertion of stage directions to solidify what we as playwright intend to happen within our scripts - ah - this was a relief.

raving natives radio had a preliminary script development meeting. we discussed casting of character and timeline for which we hope to have first show ready for podcast.