Tuesday, September 13, 2016

short story in Sky Blue Water

The University of Minnesota Press and Wild Rumpus have secured a new date for the Sky Blue Water launch. It will be Thursday, October 20th at 7:00 PM. We are still holding the event at the Rose Street Patisserie. The address for the Rose Street Patisserie is 2811 W. 43rd St., Minneapolis, MN 55410. I'm told that there is a small parking lot in front, otherwise there is nearby street parking available.

My short story in the book, Worry and Wonder, is about a young Native girl in the ICWA system (Indian Child Welfare Act). 

copyrighted excerpt: Amy inked over Ick waa waa again and felt the burning of tears began to well behind her eyes. Furiously, she blacked out the crying baby in the teardrop. Yesterday in family court the ICWA attorneys, the ICWA child welfare workers, the ICWA guardian ad litems, ICWA ad nauseam, and the ICWA judge had ruled that, since no other relatives had been found, she needed to stay in foster care another three months. That no, even though her father had completed the mandatory psych evaluation, had found a job working on the new stadium and rented a two-bedroom apartment and was living whatever the courts called a ‘sober lifestyle’, he hadn’t ‘proved’ to the court’s satisfaction that he was ready to assume full responsibility of her yet.